Friday, March 23, 2007

7 Days til Sikfest!

Yes UK gaming fans, the time is upon us. Sikfest III returns next weekend and is even bigger and better than ever, and that's not just because I'm attending for the first time. Expect drunken behaviour, teabagging marathons and more junk food than is possibly safe for human consumption. See you lucky people there!


Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Just ignore this!

I said just ignore it!

You just never learn, do you?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Back in August, the first ever H2UK LAN Party was held. Hosted by Sikamikanico, a select bunch of gamers travelled to Essex for fun, frolics, beer and Xbox. Oh and Poker!

Sikfest II was held in mid-November, but the video has yet to see the light of day...

*Looks at Loki and Hotdog again*
Yes I know we haven't blogged anything for months. I've been busy graduating University and failing to find a job, and Niall is trying to be an elf in LotR:BFME2.

By way of an apology, here is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Friday Night Drinking video. I present to you:Friday Night Drinking 2 - The Ring of Fire.

A 4th House of Pink video has been recorded, but is currently in the pre-production stage*.

*By pre-production, I mean that Hotdog hasn't got round to editing it yet. Grrr.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Indiana Jones, eat your heart out
This instructable describes how to build a flaming whip. Its a very simple and rewarding project, but the final project can be dangerous. You will be dealing with a flaming metal chain which gets extremely hot. You would not want to get any part of this accidentally wrapped around your body. Apart from all the danger though its really fun and produces a loud whooosh of fire every time you swing it.

How to make a flaming whip

This seems the perfect way to spend an afternoon. "Darling, I'm just getting over my midlife crisis, I'm going to pretend I'm Indiana Jones..."

I want one

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Time Wasting

Due to now having far too much internet free-time at work, I have found several ways to fill my days, mainly playing Flash games. Here are links to a few of my favourites:

Grow Cube


3D Logic

This is not a game, but is fun all the same:

Breakdancing Transformers

Be warned! My bosses may be cool, but these sites could be considered Not Safe For Work.

Apart from that, Have Fun!
Life is hard when you're Darth Vader's less-talented, less-charismatic younger brother and you manage a grocery store.

YouTube - Chad Vader - Day Shift Manager (episode 1)

Life must be pretty hard when you're the sibling of the world's most famour asthmatic.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Jackie Chan also...sings?

Who knew. the man not only stars in quality films such as Rush Hour, he also had time to develop his soulful voice. I'm as shocked as you are.

HONG KONG — Jackie Chan has apologized for disrupting a recent concert by Taiwanese singer-songwriter Jonathan Lee.Chan climbed on the stage and then exchanged insults with the audience during Lee's July 10 concert. The Ming Pao Daily News quoted Chan, star of the "Rush Hour" movies, as saying onstage that he was drunk.

Newsvine - Jackie Chan Sorry for Concert Commotion

I think this "drunken celebrity mash-up" sets a great trend for us to follow. Who can honestly put their hand on their heart and say they wouldn't like to see Cliff Richard get hammered and stumble on stage at the Globe Theatre? Or that perhaps lads mag favourite Jordan could get her mate Elton John in for a bit of slap-and-tickle photography? The possibilities are endless, really.I, for one, am all for this. Lets let our beautiful and talented celebrities roam free, expressing and exposing themselves in as many ways as possible. But lets all pause for a moment, and pay respect to the grand master of this. No less than the Art and Music genious of...Big Rolf. Thumbnail image

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Dot Realmers - The official DOT REALM T-shirt is only a stones throw away and will be available to purchase, majority of the proceeds will be going to the NSPCC : Bungie Forums

CC has brought something new to the table again with the soon-to-be released DOTRealm t-shirts. It appears in our attempt to be manly, between having beard-growing competitions and drinking ethanol, we like to wear rugged, manly man t-shirts that are battle scarred. I look forward to them with great interest, and I would encourage everyone to buy one quickly, as they are limited edition, and the money is going to the NSPCC. So what are you waiting for? Go over to the forums and PM CHIK CHACK with your interest. Keep checking the shop link on DOTRealm for availability.

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Bungie games available for download

It seems some kind souls over at the ventcore have decided to help Bungie cash in on the success of the Halo series. I wouldn't put long odds on Marathon or the like making a jump to the XBL Arcade once Halo 3 is released.

The ventcore is created to archive the missing links in Bungie's history that are almost impossible to find, own, or even download anymore. We don't host games that aren't the full versions, such as a demo, we only provide a link to the site that does host them

the ventcore

Still, I'll give some of them a whirl, and report back with what I find...I don't think any will be half as polished as this gent

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Ho, ho and thrice, ho. You're all a bunch of terrible jokers.

Earlier today on the forums, an attack was perpetrated on my good self by Vinnie, the scoundrel. Apparently, whilst crawling through Google he came across a picture of me, which caused much hilarity in the forums. Here are a few of my favourite captions so far

The sanitatory facilities at Niall's house left a lot to be desired - Vinnie

Niall makes a move up from the cardboard box housing common in Belfast - BASE

DAZ, keeps your whites white, no matter the living conditions - Loki

you should see my other car ... - Boab

I'd like to let the record show that I'll be banning every single last one of you smart arses as soon as I get my admin powers back.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

A blog you say? Us country boys can barely write 'Combine Harvester'.

Anyway, for future reference, here are the two videos (so far) detailing the fun and frolics from the house that pink built, starring omega LOKI, Saucy Hotdog, and Vinnie13...

Friday Night Drinking

Saturday Drinking

All I can recommend is that you check out Loki's amazingly complex, yet utterly enthralling description of the drinking game, Ring of Fire. It makes other games pale in comparison